Wouldn’t You Like Be the Beautiful Lady Who Tells Fortunes on Halloween…

A fortune teller costume is an excellent choice for a Halloween party. Halloween is the perfect holiday for people to have costume parties. This is the time of the year when

Fortune Teller Costume

Fortune Teller Elite Collection Adult Costume

people are able to be the fantasy character that they like most. There are a lot of events where both boys and girls do their best to look as close as the characters that they idolize as possible. A lot of people dress up as ghosts, superheroes, pirates and even fortune tellers. Anything and everything that is perceived as supernatural by people makes a good costume and the fortune teller costume is one that a lot of people try to do. The secret to having a successful costume party is to have everyone participate in the event but the secret to an epic costume party is dressing up to be the character.

The  Fortune Teller Elite Collection Adult Costume beautiful costume can be purchased at Buy Costumes, one of the most highly regarded costume suppliers in the world. Click here to see this fantastic example of fortune teller clothing. You will love the delicate lace trimmed top which exposes the shoulders. The lush fabrics used in making this many layered outfit make this costume a piece of art. You will get the lace trimmed top and skirt, a bandana for the head and a large wide belt. The 65 reviews for the Fortune Teller Elite Collection Adult Costume give an overall 5 star rating. Reviewers all comment on the beautiful fabrics used and that they got many

Gypsy Jewelry Set

Gypsy Jewelry Set

compliments on their outfit. Add a necklace such as the Gypsy Jewelry Set, black high heeled boots and a deck of tarot cards and you’re set to go.

A fortune teller costume is a very common costume choice for women. Most of the fortune tellers that you see are women so it is very hard to find a fortune-teller costume for men. Classic fortune-tellers who are men normally wear a light colored robe, a long sleeved inner shirt and a turban. The costume is very simple but it has a lot of jewelry and accessories. You can always carry several kinds of tarot cards in your pocket or in a pretty shoulder bag.

The female fortune teller costume is a great choice for women. They can dress up as a

Gypsy Adult Costume

Gypsy Adult Costume

really sexy female fortune teller or dress just right. There are fortune tellers who wear robes and others that wear skirts. The length of the skirt can vary because there are some fortune tellers that wear their skirts above the knee while others prefer to have it long below the knee. The female fortune teller costume includes a slightly revealing top where a woman shows off her shoulders. This means that a girl can also wear a tube top which is white. The costume is completed with a bandana on the head to keep the hair back from the face and accessories to make it look authentic.

This Gypsy Adult Costume is the perfect example of  the colorful outfits that can be worn by anyone wanting to dress up as a tarot card reader for Halloween. It includes a great off the shoulder top and skirt along with an velvet vest and wide belt. The head scarf matches perfectly. Click here to examine it in glorious detail.

The mixing and matching of colors is very important in a fortune teller costume. This is because you will rarely find a dark colored fortune-teller costume. Almost all fortune tellers that you will see wear a bold colored theme. Rarely do you see dark colors especially black being used. The use of bright and attractive colors makes it much easier to stand out from the crowd, too.

Fortune Teller Crystal Ball

Fortune Teller Crystal Ball with Stand

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they dress up as a fortune teller is that they do not accessorize enough. Fortune tellers wear a lot of mysterious and even really cool jewelry which you notice right away. Missing out on this part of the costume will make your costume less believable because people will be confused about who you are dressing up to be. You can hold a crystal ball and no one will doubt your costume. The ball might be heavy to carry around but it will guarantee that your costume is a hit. Click here to see this ideal Fortune Teller Crystal Ball with Stand.


If you can sew, Simplicity has a nice pattern for this type of costume. People have been attempting to tell the future since ancient times and in some places, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,  it is illegal and punishable by death. You can find Fortune Teller’s Mah Jongg cards here and you can also learn how to read fortunes with regular playing cards.

 Watch this video for ideas on fortune teller makeup.